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One of the many stuff that you’ll need to consider as a corporate event planner is your furniture hire such as table and chair hire, especially for larger events.


And, of course, there’s a whole world of event types that fall under the marquee of ‘commercial events ‘. In this composition, we take a look at some exemplifications of these, and what table and chair hire you might need for them.


Dining event

Put simply, the larger the organisation, the further frequent these feathers of events will be! Hospitality forms a big part of the marketing budget for these organisations – it might be that they’re holding a regale for crucial guests, or maybe are financing a high profile event and are doing some PR work around this.


Whatever it is, hospitality means dining, and for sure you’re going to need to hire tables and chairs for your event. Of course, it depends upon the type of dining you’re planning – it might be an informal canape event where cutlet food is the order of the day, or a buffet, or perhaps a formal, sit- down regale with tableware service.


The types of chairs and tables you’ll need for each of these is different, but not simply so. Canape events are frequently stand-up occasions, but it clearly wouldn’t hurt to have some poseur tables and droppings dotted around the venue and, likewise, some settees and armchairs so that your guests can relax, socialise and network in comfort.


By the same commemorative, for buffets, why not check out our cocktail chairs and tables, which give a ultramodern look and finish, and are informal yet still professional and swish. And, if it’s a formal dining event, you ’ll be demanding banqueting chairs and tables.


Family BBQ day

These types of family down days are growing in fashionably all the time, as engaging the family with an hand’s organisation goes a long way to making them feel valued. Down days can take on numerous forms, but a great illustration would be a BBQ, where families can come along an enjoy some food and drink, socialise, and perhaps play some games with others.


For this type of day, you ’ll be demanding to hire out-of-door tables and chairs. All you also need to do is supplicate for some good rainfall!


Christmas party

For numerous workers, the Christmas party is the social highlight of the time – a great occasion to let your hair down and enjoy the company of your fellow workers in a non-office setting. Christmas parties vary hectically in size, from small office parties through to huge arena Christmas parties, typically depending veritably much on the size of the organisation.


Again, dining and banqueting will be the order of the day, so dining chairs and tables will be demanded, as these parties typically take the form of a drinks event also regale, and followed by entertainment and dancing.


Internal meeting

Meetings are frequently taken care by being office furniture, but should you need to hire office tables, chairpersons and divisions.


Table and chair hire for an award form

Everyone loves these types of event, especially when you’re up for an award! This is another illustration of a dining event, and so round tables with crisp linen, along with chairs, frequently in large amounts.


So, these are just a many exemplifications of table and chairs reimbursement for corporate events that you can choose from. As with any event, it’s important to note that you should always endeavour to place your order sooner rather than latterly to avoid disappointment as demand is always high at certain points of the time, especially in the summer months and at Christmas.


Whatever event furniture hire you need, don’t hesitate to contact us – we ’re here to give you a flawless hire experience from launch to finish. We look forward to help you on your coming event or occasion.