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You can be forgiven if table linen isn’t right at the top of your precedence list when it comes to the colourful rudiments that you need to organise for your event. That’s fair enough, but it’s clearly a good idea to get this organised well in advance along with your table hire for events – the last thing you want to be doing in the lead up to a busy event is having to organise your table linen and other hire outfit at the last nanosecond – after all, we ’re enough sure that you ’ll have plenitude of other stuff to sort!


When we talk about table linen, we mean particulars similar as tablecloths, towels and indeed table runners. Indeed, the particulars that are laid onto your tables before you put any tableware on there. A lot of round and trestle tables hire request really do need to have table linen on them to smarten them up. That’s not to say that the tables are in bad condition, but due to the fashion of these particulars, and the fact that they’re always out on hire, mean that scrapes can do.


As a result, combine the hire of tables with linen, just to make twice sure that your event tables are going to look great. And don’t worry, there are a plenitude of event table hire and table linen hire companies out there, of which we are the leaders.


Like anything differently, it’s not the case that one type of table linen suits every event, and flash back , as well as different styles, there are plenitude of different sizes of tablecloths available, to suit different sizes of table hire for events!


So, let’s take a look at some of the main types of events where tablecloths and towels would be used.


Traditional Marriages

Classic traditional marriages always call for crisp, clean table linen, typically in white or cream. Table linen in these neutral colours provides an elegant background for the marriage tables. There’s typically a top table for the happy couple and their immediate family, which is typically blockish at the front of the event room. And, for all the other guests, you ’ll generally find round tables are in use, and so choose your linen consequently.


Just search through our website and have a look at what tables are available.


Commercial events

Throughout South Africa, there are a multitude of commercial events that take place, with utmost calling not for white or ivory cloths, but further for black as the go- to colour of choice. Black tablecloths and matching towels clearly do give a professional and swish look and finish, and these are available in large amounts right at SA Event Decor.


By the same commemorative, some companies will look to match up the colour of their table linen with their branding or company totem, so vibrant colours similar as flora, pinks, golds and numerous others are also in demand.



For sports personality couches and other hospitality events and occasions, slate is the new black! Grey tablecloths and towels clearly do look great, and you can accentuate this neutral colour with coloured tableware similar as coloured water spectacles and ewers, for case, along with a whole host of other table and venue scenery.


Veritably much on-trend at the moment in this sector is table hire for events without any table linen at all – there are relatively a many tables in the request which have melamine table covers, easing the need for tablecloths, which are clearly also worth checking out.


Whatever type of event you’re organising, and wherever it is, you need to make sure that you’re dealing with a linen hire company who’ll give what you need in a crisp, clean and pressed condition, in the amounts you need and all matching.


SA Event Décor will offer you a flawless event décor hire experience from launch to finish.